Colin and Sherry take on Hervey Bay 100 Triathlon

Colin Stollery and Sherry Ey competing in the Hervey Bay 100 Triathlon.

Two members of the Bargara Triathlon Club came out on top at the weekend's Hervey Bay 100 Triathlon after a gruelling trek through ocean and land.

Sherry Ey and Colin Stollery pulled off great races to come first in their age group at the weekend event, and both were awarded the Queensland Long Course Championship award.

Colin said the race covered 100km comprising a 2km ocean swim, 80km bike and 18km run, which for him was the least favourite leg of the three.

“The hardest part of the triathlon for me is the run, because I'm tired by that point in the race,” he said.

“All the training starts to hurt and the lack of energy becomes much more apparent as the will to continue diminishes.”

Colin, who has been competing for four years, took out first place in the 55-59 year-old sector with a completion time of four hours and 43 minutes.

He said he had a few tricks up his sleeve to help him get through the race.

“I focused on completing the next kilometre to a specific point or a friend spectating,” he said.

“If I stop it’s harder to restart, so I do what I can to continue, drink or tip ice into my cap on the run.

“For the swim I look for pretty things to look at, the next buoy I’m headed for and my breathing.”

Winner of the 50-54 year age group Sherry Ey is no stranger to the triathlon scene, having been competing for more than 10 years.

“I love training with mates and getting out of my comfort zone,” she said.

Finishing the race in four hours and 57 minutes, Sherry said focus and determination and a good support group were what got her through.

“Set yourself small achievable goals and find a training buddy or training group to keep yourself accountable,” she said.