Orchestra raises funds for Woodgate rural firies

The Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra at the Woodgate Rural Fire Brigade fundraiser concert.

The Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra raised more than $600 at the latest fundraiser concert for local rural firies who had fought the Woodgate fire last week.

Held on Sunday, 24 November, the orchestra's president Chris Thompson said the annual concert was quickly transformed into a fundraiser after news of the Woodgate fires.

“This concert was something that we do annually, however, when we found out about the Woodgate fires we knew we wanted to change the event to a fundraiser for all of the hardworking volunteer and rural firies who kept homes safe,” she said.

“Even as we were finishing the plans for this event the fire was still raging and we didn't know if anything would be able to go ahead.

“Luckily by Sunday the worst of the fire was contained and we had many people come along to support the fire fighters.”

Chris said community sentiment was one of relief and gratitude for those who had worked tirelessly while the fires raged.

“Everyone in the community is just so thankful,” she said.

“Through our gold coin donations and a few raffles, we were able to raise $670 in total to go towards the rural fire brigade.”

Chris said the concert was enjoyed by many and included classical pieces as well as some unique acts including Norm Whyte playing “the Typewriter” on an actual typewriter.

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