Red-hot tech gifts for Christmas

Drones are increasingly popular as gifts.

With the tech world moving at the speed of light, each Christmas dishes up a new menu of items for consumers to enjoy.

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With the big day fast approaching, let’s review what is hot for Christmas 2019.


While drones have been around a long time, we are buying them more than ever and in far more variety.

The latest trend in drones is the small and the cheap.

These are no longer an expensive item so the $20 to $50 range for kids are a massive hit this year.


For many parents whose children need to take a device to school next year, tablets are a two for one.

It is an awesome (though costly) Christmas present and for some kids it can also be a tool they need for school.

iPads tend to be the standout, but Samsung and other brands are also thriving.


At this time of the year, AirPods are so popular that they are getting hard to find.

They hit that sweet spot for a lot of people’s “big gift” budget.

If AirPods aren’t right for you, take a look at the alternative brands, shapes and budget options.


Yes, we know that you have one in your pocket all the time attached to your smart phone.

This trend isn’t new but does seem to spike at Christmas each year.

Whether it’s a simple camera for the young ones or a Digital SLR for the enthusiast, they are still going strong.

Bands, cases and covers

Tech is notoriously pricey stuff. If you are looking for something special for the guru in your life that won’t break the bank, try an accessory.

Smart watch bands, phone and tablet cases and carry bags/covers are a great pick.

These allow you to show the personal touch without refinancing the family home.

There are plenty of great options for gifting this Christmas.

Just remember that if you want it, others probably do as well.

Don’t leave it until the last day and end up disappointed.