Respite Centre for Grade Oners


You've heard of Old People's Home for Four Year Olds. Bundaberg now has its own version — Respite Centre for Grade Oners.

When Gooburrum State School teacher Mechalle Kimber saw the award-winning TV Show “Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds” she thought: “That would be great for our Year One students”.

Then when the grade one class visited the Bundaberg Regional Library a week later and saw Gracie Dixon clients next door she contacted Lyn Frost, coordinator at the Gracie Dixon Respite Centre, to see if they could visit.

Lyn immediately said yes, after successful visits from Central State School and St Joseph’s Primary School students over the years.

What followed was some class work to get the students ready, many of whom don't have grandparents living locally.

And many of the Gracie Dixon Respite Centre clients don't have grandchildren living locally, so it was definitely a “win-win”.

The Gooburrum State School Year One class visited the Gracie Dixon Respite Centre today for a few hours of fun, games, laughs and new friendships. It was judged “10 out of 10”, by both young and old participants. Bundaberg's very own “Respite Centre for Grade Oners”.

“It's been amazing,” student Kenzie Loader said.

“I really, really love the dress-ups and also the game where it was like tennis and you whacked the balloons over to the other side. It was really, really fun.”

Gracie Dixon Respite Centre client Jan Green agreed.

“It was just lovely. It reminded me of when I was that age and they’re having such a wonderful time,” Jan said.

Gooburrum State School teacher Mechalle Kimber said it was great to see students coming out of their shell.

“One little boy having morning tea was very unsure about these old people who have wrinkles and now he’s the life of the party and playing games with them,” Mechalle said.

If you have a group of young people who would like to visit the “young at heart” Gracie Dixon Respite Centre clients, you can phone 4130 4120 or email: You can find out more about Gracie Dixon Respite Centre here.

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