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Friendlies apartments for doctors and patient families

Friendlies apartments
ARTIST IMPRESSION: Friendly Society Private Hospital is proposing to build a self-contained and serviced apartment block.

Friendly Society Private Hospital is proposing to build 16 apartments to cater for new doctors, visiting specialists and the families of out-of-town patients.

The short-term stay accommodation would be built over two levels featuring seven studio apartments and nine one-bedroom apartments.

The self-contained apartments would be serviced by the hospital and would front Bingera Street.

The Friendlies apartments application explains that as the hospital rolls out its masterplan it has depleted its stock of existing houses that were used for this purpose.

According to the application, the hospital is regularly required to assist with short-term and affordable housing for newly recruited staff yet to secure longer-term accommodation, visiting staff including locum doctors and the families of out of town patients admitted to hospital.

“While stays are typically for only a few nights, longer stays of up to but not exceeding three consecutive months are offered as needed, including for locum staff/practitioners,” the application said.

FSPH currently fulfils these accommodation requirements in dwellings it owns proximate to the hospital.

“The locations of these dwellings are dispersed/disjointed with properties purchased on an ad hoc basis when opportunities arose.”

Friendlies apartments
The rollout of the Friendlies' masterplan has led the hospital to apply to build short-term accommodation for staff and families of out-of-town in patients

As the masterplan of the hospital progresses and these homes are being removed, it is becoming more difficult for the hospital to meet these accommodation requirements.

“The objective of the development is to ensure sufficient accommodation stock for the FSPH’s current and future needs.

“Consolidation of FSPH’s accommodation will assist in enhancing convenience to users and streamlining efficiencies for FSPH in servicing the apartments.”

The Friendlies apartments application has been lodged with Bundaberg Regional Council’s development group for assessment.

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