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Crabs on the move with morning tides

crabs morning tides
Tyler Jeffrey with some cracker mud crabs.

The crabs are more than likely going to be on the move with big morning tides this week and the Tackle World team are recommending keen fishos get the crab pots in. Here's what else is happening int he region's waterways:

Burnett River

The Burnett River has been really producing the goods with some cracker mangrove jacks!

Most of these fish are being caught on 4” paddle tail soft plastics slowly rolled off the rock bars.

Also, setting live baits such as poddy mullet and sprat on the rock bars and deeper holes should get you some great jack action.

A few lucky anglers have been catching fingermark while using live bait as well, so keep that in mind.

The fingermark are super-tasty on the dinner plate.

Don’t forget to throw the crab pots in because the morning tides are well over three metres at the moment, so the crabs should be on the move.

Mitch Beyer with a grey mackerel caught last week.
Mitch Beyer with a grey mackerel caught last week.

Bundaberg inshore

The grey and school mackerel are in good numbers on all the inshore reefs off Bundaberg at the moment.

Fast-retrieving 50g Flasha spoons and Halco Twistys vertically off the bottom has been getting most of the bites.

If there’s a bit of run in the tide, setting pilchards out in the mid-water column will get you into some action.

There’s also some cracker grunter being caught as well, and most of them are being caught on 20g soft vibes and 5” soft plastics.

Let’s just hope the weather plays the game!

Baffle Creek and Kolan River

The Baffle has been producing some cracking flathead and queenfish towards the mouth. Most of the queenies are being caught on surface lures.

Look for stressed baitfish on the surface and work your popper over them. Mix up your retrieve – sometimes they like long pauses between your pops.

The flatties have been taking a liking to 3” Zman MinnowZ, and the Electric Chicken is the standout colour.

The Kolan has been producing some ripper mangrove jacks and mud crabs. Most of the jacks are being caught on Luckycraft Pointers and live baits.

The favourite hooks to use for livies are the 4/0 and 5/0 Mustad Big Guns.

Lake Monduran

Sophie Wilson with an 84cm flathead released at Elliott Heads.

Lake Monduran has produced two one-metre plus barra over the past two weeks, which is super exciting!

With the water levels dropping so quickly now there are plenty of new snags in the lake. I think fishing the heavy timber is the go at the moment.

There’s very little weed and lily pads in the dam at the current time so fishing the timber is a must.

Remember to fish with confidence – don’t let that dam beat you.

Till Next time, keep it real, Mitch Beyer
Tackle World Bundaberg