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Nourish rebrands as Street Bean Coffee Bar

Owner Judy Plath outside Street Bean Coffee Bar with a  smoothie bowl.
Owner Judy Plath outside Street Bean Coffee Bar with a smoothie bowl.

A popular cafe in the Bundaberg CBD has recently undergone a makeover and name change to Street Bean Coffee Bar with a fresh vibe.

Nourish Cafe on Bourbong Street will now be known as Street Bean Coffee Bar, with owner Judy Plath and her team moving away from meals to focus on delicious coffee, drinks and new smoothie bowl flavours.

“We’re excited to be adding smoothie bowls to our Street Bean menu,” Judy said.

“I think bowls such as the Caffeine Bowl and the Caramel Bowl will become really popular.

“We are also enjoying experimenting with using local cream from CQ Dairy Fresh to create iced coffees and iced chocolates.

“The difference in quality and flavour using fresh cream is amazing.”

Judy said the decision to move away from healthy meals was due to an ever-changing shift in the health food industry.

“Since we opened Nourish Cafe the health message in Australia has shifted, with constantly conflicting information being shared about what healthy eating actually means,” she said.

“Healthy eating has become so confusing that no-one really knows whether it matters if the food is organic, if the nuts are activated, if the sugar is unrefined or if homemade bread is any better.

street bean coffee bar
Owner Judy Plath outside Street Bean Coffee Bar.

“As a result, we have decided to shift our focus away from health foods to create a small coffee bar, where customers can enjoy a great coffee made with local milk, delicious smoothies and homemade cakes.”

Judy said the cafe will still have a range of salads and snacks on the menu with some new and exciting flavours.

She said she was excited for the next stage of her business.

“My husband and I are proud of what we created with Nourish Cafe but times change and businesses must evolve to be relevant in the changing marketplace,” she said.

“We’re happy that with this change to Street Bean Coffee Bar we’ve been able to keep our team of loyal employees employed and continue to support a fantastic local dairy, CQ Dairy Fresh.”

Street Bean Coffee Bar's opening hours will be 6.30am to 3.30pm on weekdays and Saturday from 8.30am.


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