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Bright futures for St Luke’s graduates

St. Luke's Anglican school graduates of 2019.
St Luke's Anglican school graduates of 2019.

St Luke's Anglican School 2019 student graduates are on track for tertiary degrees with 56 per cent receiving their first preference for universities.

Robyn Deer, Head of Senior, congratulated the class of 2019.

“We couldn’t be prouder of our 2019 graduates. Along with our great OP results, it is fantastic to see that our students were able to get their choice of placement at universities around Australia,” she said.

“One hundred per cent received an OP 1-10 and now 100 per cent of our graduates who have applied for a place at university will be following their dreams.”

St Luke's students follow career in medicine

Sara Bilwani and Manjerra Ramadas applied for a place in medicine and both received first round QTAC offers to their first preference universities.

Manjeera Ramadas St. Luke's
Manjeera Ramadas

Manjeera will study a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University.

Manjeera said she hoped to return to towns like Bundaberg to help the community when she's a qualified doctor.

“I chose medicine because it is the only field which converts my passion for helping the community and interest in human biology into a career,” she said.

“I plan to take up GP training and work in a regional community to help address and alleviate the inequalities faced these communities.

“I’m so excited to pursue my dream career.”

Sara had her pick of universities and said she had chosen to study a Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Adelaide.

Like Manjeera, Sara’s motivation to undertake a career in medicine is driven by her desire to help offer a service to the community.

“In medicine, one gets to help others in the most vulnerable stages of their lives, and for me to be able to do that too is the most humbling thought,” Sara said.

Sara Bilwani St. Luke's
Sara Bilwani

“One day I plan to create a program that educates remote communities on the importance of mental health, and how we can notice symptoms of mental illnesses early on.

“I hope to use my voice and education to do something big and beautiful for the world, whatever it may be.”

St Luke's Anglican School Principal Craig Merritt acknowledged the hard of his students and congratulated them on a successful year.

“These results do not happen by chance. Our congratulations also go to all teachers who worked with the students, both in Years 11 and 12, and in the earlier years where much of the foundation was laid,” he said.

“We would like to also acknowledge the stories that lie behind these results and statistics.

“Our students who worked consistently through the year, balancing their commitments, experiencing a sense of achievement, yet also being challenged, discovering those moments of wonder, and dare we say, joy as they progressed through their studies.”

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