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Innes Park Bakery opens its doors

Innes Park community members rejoice as bakery reopens

Innes Park Bakery
Innes Park Bakery staff Jacqui Pates and Marcia Kunde said the positive community response about the opening had been encouraging.

The highly anticipated opening of the Innes Park Bakery was a huge success, with a steady flow of customers keeping staff busy all day.

The smell of freshly baked bread, croissants and sweet treats from Innes Park Bakery lured residents from around the seaside community when the doors opened at 5am on Friday.

The bakery, previously operating as Breeze Café and Bakery, is under new management and is now owned by long-time baker Wayne Newton. He employees two full-time staff, Jacqui Pates and Marcia Kunde.

All the baked goods are made on site by Wayne, including from fresh bread, a variety of pies and sweets, such as the classic finger bun.

Marcia said the opening had been very positive, with a constant flow of customers coming in throughout the day.

“We have some empty shelves now and so that’s a good sign,” she said.

“We have been constant which is good.

“We’ve had a lot of people excited that we have opened, and they congratulate us as they walk in.”

Along with baked goodies, Jacqui said they made locally-produced Barking Dog coffee and stocked a variety of cold drinks, which were also popular with tradies in the area.

“We’ve just had three blokes come in and say they are based out here for work and are grateful for our drinks, and would like sandwiches and what-not, so we are really happy we can help,” Jacqui said.

Innes Park Bakery opens
One-year-old Catherine Greensill visited Innes Park Bakery on its opening day with her mum Julieanne Greensill. Julieanne said it was great to have a local bakery return to the community.

Residents happy for the return of Innes Park Bakery

Walking through the doors, Julieanne Greensill said she and daughter Catherine were “just a bit excited that the bakery has reopened”.

As an Innes Park, resident Julieanne said she’d seen the reaction on Facebook about the local bakery reopening and she had to stop by and pick out a treat for Catherine.

“We are very excited to have this business reopen and it’s great to have a local bakery that we can support,” she said.

“We have missed it, it really is like a hub within the community here, but it’s nice to walk around for either lunch, breakfast or just to grab a coffee in the morning.

“I wish it well and we are really excited and can’t wait to see the new things they bring in.”

Innes Park Bakery will trade seven days a week from 5am to 5pm, located at 29 Innes Park Road, Innes Park.