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Young entrepreneur encourages buying from the bush

Young entrepreneur April Logan
Young entrepreneur April Logan believes it is possible to live in a regional area and be successful as she continues to expand her Native Magic business.

Young entrepreneur April Logan helped start a business using lemon myrtle when she was 14 years old and believes it is possible to live in a regional area and be successful.

April and her mum Fiona Walker grow lemon myrtle on their family property at Gooburrum and they're the only lemon myrtle producers in the Bundaberg Region.

Their lemon myrtle is used in their Native Magic product to stop Queensland itch in animals, and more recently it was added to Bundaberg Brewed Drinks' latest release of the Ginger Beer and Lemon Myrtle brew.

April, now 17, is encouraging people who live in large cities to think about where the products they buy come from and how they can help keep small regional businesses afloat.

April makes organic creams to sooth itching for conditions such as Queensland itch and hot spots in animals, and insect bites. She says she is constantly experimenting with the lemon myrtle to make new products including cosmetics such as lip balm.

Success follows Buy from a Bush Business post

Taking to social media with her plight April posted on the Buy From a Bush Business Facebook page earlier this month and was blown away by the response she received.

“I’ve had a huge response from people both buying my product and showing support for the business,” April said.

“It is important to buy from the bush.”

April said she travelled to Brisbane for the first time two years ago and was surprised by the difference between the city and a regional area such as Bundaberg.

“It was like two different worlds to me,” she said.

“There are so many amazing people living in cities, but there is success living in places like Bundaberg.

“If you put your mind to it, as I was told by my grandfather, anything is possible even if it is difficult to overcome.”

Fiona said Buy from a Bush Business originated on social media to help boost small businesses living in regional areas by encouraging people living in cities such as Brisbane to show their support to communities, and most recently those communities who had been affected by drought or bushfires.

Although Fiona was the face of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks ginger beer and lemon myrtle campaign, they both agreed April was working just as hard behind the scenes.

“I’m the second lady lemon,” April laughed.

“Yes, April did a lot of the work away from the cameras,” Fiona said.

“I am very proud of her and its great to see her developing business skills, she rolls her sleeves up and gets the job done.”

Young entrepreneur April Logan
young entrepreneur April Logan and her mum Fiona Walker grow lemon myrtle trees to make their Native Magic creams and lemon myrtle tea.

Business dreams for young entrepreneur April Logan

As a young entrepreneur April Logan said she left school a lot earlier than most to follow her heart into her business with all her might.

“I have a lot of passion when it comes to this business,” April said.

“I currently also have a day job, but hope to kick off full time into this as soon as possible.”

Her advice to other young people wanting to follow their dreams and start a business would be to try their hardest and give it everything and hope to succeed in time.

“You need to look passed what is expected from other people,” April said.

“Most of my friends are a lot older than me and I take wisdom from all kinds of people.

“Don’t think so much about other people and follow your hopes and dreams!”

Fiona said she looked forward to the day, in the not too distant future, when could take a step back and April would take over the business completely.

The mother-and-daughter team pride themselves on making products that are 100 per cent natural with no added chemicals.

To find out more about April's business click here.

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