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Grab a bargain at the Nardoo Nursery Mega Plant Sale

Nadoo Nursery Mega Plant Sale
Everyone is invited to head down to Community Lifestyle Support for the Nardoo Nursery Mega Plant Sale on 15 February.

If you’re a green thumb or a house plant enthusiast there’s a chance to grab a bargain at the Nardoo Nursery Mega Plant Sale on 15 February.

Nardoo Nursery’s Anne Davis is organising the initial mega plant sale and said there would be a variety of plants for sale, with a starting price of just $3.

“Along with the plant sale we will have a free sausage sizzle and a garden tour of our six acres that we have landscaped extensively for the last two-and-a-half years from when it was just a paddock,” Anne said.

“It will be a great chance for the community to come along and check out all the work we have done.”

Anne said there would be a range of succulents, natives, indoor, tropical and cottage garden type plants for sale, and she said there would be a deal for those who bought five plants would get the sixth for free.  

She said now was the perfect time to pull out the gardening gloves or perhaps take up a new hobby as the recent rain had helped the plants flourish.

“After the rain is a great time to plant new plants in the garden,” she said.

“And now hopefully it will start to cool down a little more too.”

Nardoo Nursery helps unemployed gain skills to enter workforce

Anne said Nardoo Nursery was not-for-profit and based in the Community Lifestyle Support grounds.

Since opening it had supported some of the region’s long-term unemployed by teaching new skills, with a success rate of about 90 per cent of trainees going on to gain employment.

“We thought this plant sale would be a good opportunity to promote the work done here at the nursery,” she said.

“I am more than happy to take people on a tour through the CLS grounds and show them what we are about.

“The plant sale will be a great way to promote the nursery and show how we are starting to expand.”

Anne said the plant sale would also contribute to helping people with disabilities be able to engage more in the local community.

She said plans were also in place to open the nursery to the community on the third Saturday of every month.

Nardoo Nursery Mega Plant Sale will be held on 15 February from 8am to noon at Community Lifestyle Support, 48 Ashfield Road, Kalkie.

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