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Meet dingo siblings Lowanna and Kupali

Video: Morgan Everett

Have you met dingo siblings Lowanna and Kupali at Alexandra Park Zoo in Bundaberg? The pure bred dingoes arrived at the zoo in 2013 and have been melting hearts of the people they meet ever since.

Zoo group supervisor David Flack said the meaning behind their names was special, involving consultation held with the local Indigenous community.

“The male was named Kupali, meaning ‘younger brother’ and Lowanna meaning ‘girl’, while the purpose-built dingo enclosure was named Mirrigang,” he said.

Lowanna and Kupali walk the zoo for fitness and training

David said the dingo sinblings received weekly training from zookeepers.

“The training helps the dingoes to be able to cope with situations where they might require veterinary care,” he said.

“The dingoes also undertake obedience training, learn fun tricks and scent detection to help keep them mentally stimulated.”

To find out more about dingo siblings Lowanna and Kupali visit them at the zoo on the corner of Quay and Burrum Street, Bundaberg.

The Alexandra Park Zoo is open seven days a week from 8.30am to 4.45pm.

Dingo siblings Lowanna and Kupali
David Flack and Laura Billing at Alexandra Park Zoo with Lowanna and Kupali.


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