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Cross Family Farms rescue pumpkin festival

Cross Family Farms
Wendy and Trevor Cross at Cross Family Farms.

The iconic Goomeri Pumpkin Festival will go ahead in May thanks to the generosity of Bundaberg Region producers Cross Family Farms.

Festival coordinator Kim Boyter put a shoutout on their Facebook page  saying they were unsure if the Pumpkin Festival could continue after its supplier of more than 20 years was unable to provide enough pumpkins, due to the drought.

Trevor and Wendy Cross from Cross Family Farms heard about the festival’s plight through a radio interview and spoke to Kim, offering them around 1000 pumpkins “and whatever small crops you need”.

Cross Family Farms
Wendy and Trevor Cross at Cross Family Farms with pumpkins for the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival

Organisers overwhelmed by generosity

Kim Boyter was overwhelmed with Trevor and Wendy Cross’s generosity.

“I thought we’d have to buy them at market price, which would be a huge financial burden for the festival,” Kim said.

“The festival needs 300kg of pumpkin just for the pumpkin soup sold at the event, as well as 800 to 1000 pumpkins for the Great Australian Roll and sale.

“When Trevor and Wendy from Cross Family Farms offered to donate them my smile was so big; it's a huge weight that has been lifted off our shoulders.”

Trevor Cross said they were pleased to help out.

“It would be great to see bus loads of people going to these events to put revenue back into the town,” Trevor said.

As well as helping out the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, Cross Family Farms does a lot closer to home, donating 850 tonnes of produce to Foodbank, Angel’s Community Group and Meals on Wheels in 2019.

They have been growing produce in Bundaberg for over 20 years. Employing more than 450 staff, they farm 2500 acres of crops through environmentally friendly trickle and overhead irrigation systems.