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Pharmacy display showcases sporting glory

Sport and sporting achievement forms a themed window display at the Old Pharmacy in Childers.
Sport and sporting achievement forms a themed window display at the Old Pharmacy in Childers.

In recent days scores of locals appear glued to the display windows fronting the Childers Pharmaceutical Museum or The Old Pharmacy as it is also known.

The attraction is not so much the exhibition of century old chemist potions and equipment the museum is famed for, but rather window displays focused on the district’s sports and sporting achievements.

Dozens of photographs, trophies, sashes and sporting equipment show not only the diversity of sport in this country town, but also provide a pictorial glimpse of many locals when in their sporting prime.

Put together by The Old Pharmacy co-ordinator Bev Santacaterina and her “artistic offsider” Noelene Norton, the majority of photographs are from the resources of the town’s former newspaper, the Isis Town & Country.

Sport a display theme in Olympic year

“With the Isis District Historical Society running the Pharmacy we do try to put together different themed displays each year that portray the historical aspects of our community,” said Bev.

“As this is the year of the Olympics we thought a sporting theme would be appropriate for this current display.

“It really does showcase what a sporting community we have in the district, especially when sports like basketball, cricket, shooting, squash and tennis were in their heyday.

“The display has really captured the attention of the community and there’s plenty of amusement with people either picking out slimmer versions of themselves or people they know,” said Bev.

Among the sports equipment on display are old tennis racquets, cricket bats and golf clubs.

“There are a lot of really old trophies on show including mementos of the famed Ker Cup which, for many years, featured sporting rivalries between the local bowls and golf clubs.”

Bev said the display will run through until May.

“Given the large number of photographs we have not used, perhaps we will look at refreshing this sporting theme after the Childers Festival in July.”