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Sydney family start dog-walking business in Bundy

Bundy Dogs
Miriam Campbell will soon move to Bundaberg with partner John Barendse and their children to start their Bundy Dogs business.

A new dog-walking business will soon be up and running in Bundaberg when Sydney couple John Barendse and Miriam Campbell relocate to the region.

Under their current business name of Silver Spoon Pets, the duo have spent years working with Sydney dogs and their owners but with a change of lifestyle on the cards, the relocation to Bundaberg will have them changing their name to Bundy Dogs when they arrive in April.

“We have been in the pet industry for over 10 years and have worked with a diverse group of breeds, shapes, sizes and energies,” John said.

“We hope to use our experience to help clients and dogs in our new home of Bundaberg.”

The couple said they had great client rapport in Sydney and had cared for numerous dogs for a number of years. 

“We truly love our group of dogs and have worked hard to train and care for each and every one of them,” Miriam said.

“Our dogs are truly an extended part of our family and most stay with us when their owners go on holidays or work trips.

“Our clients are the most amazing group of people you could ever hope to meet; we truly appreciate them and nothing makes us happier than when they see positive changes in their dogs.”

Once the business is up and running in Bundaberg, the couple said they would provide the same range of services to dog owners of the region.

“We specialise in group walks and were very lucky to have a beach in Sydney that is privately owned, so it’s off-lead for our dogs who have passed training,” John said.

“Luckily we have a similar situation in Bundaberg, we have secured private land for our walks.”

Bundy Dogs
Miriam and John love taking the dogs to the beach where the pooches clearly enjoy a bit of ocean time.

John said Bundy Dogs would offer other services, including behavioural and socialisation training which worked hand in hand with daily adventures and walks.

“Often we find a dog’s behaviour will suffer due to a lack of stimulation while the owner is at work and or an unhealthy pattern of interaction has unknowingly been set,” he said.

“Our service is designed to help owners manage these and other issues.

“After the many years of working with dogs we understand all aspects of safety when dealing with dogs and can assure new clients that safety is our first priority.

“We take every necessary measure to ensure the safety of all the pups in our care which is reflected in our longevity and client loyalty.”

Miriam said the Bundy Dogs service included pick up, drop off and travel time in in your dog’s daily adventure.

“We find this adds to their stimulation because they love being out and about and hanging with their fellow pack members,” she said.

The walk itself is one hour long and this is where we work on setting a healthy pattern of behaviour in social interaction and setting a relaxed energy for the individual and the pack.

“We lead train all dogs as part of their program and also train recall. For any of our dogs to come off lead they must complete our program and perform each task to the highest level.”

Region the perfect place to start Bundy Dogs

Bundy Dogs
John said he and Miriam loved everything about their business, especially the beautiful dogs they cared for.

John said the opportunity to move to the Bundaberg Region came about when he and his family were looking for other lifestyle options.

“As much as we love our clients and dogs it’s not enough to hold us living in a big city,” he said.

“Both Miriam and I are country people at heart and love the outdoor lifestyle.

“For us, Bundaberg has a lot to offer our family in that way and  we’re looking forward to raising our two young kids in Bundy, Mackenzie, just over three years and Drew, just over eight months old.”

John said he and the family were already well-travelled in the local area and loved everything they had experienced so far.

“We can’t wait to move to our new home, we’ve already explored Fraser Island, Seventeen Seventy, Lake Monduran, Gin Gin and Bargara and love it all, we can’t wait to do it again and again,” he said.

Bundy Dogs
The family have been walking dogs for more than 10 years.

“Besides all of its natural assets, one thing stands out for us and it’s the locals.

“When we came up to check things out in 2017 we fell in love with the whole place especially the laid back friendliness of its people.

John and Miriam will offer their services through their business Bundy Dogs from April.

The cost for each walk and training is $20.

“We look forward to providing our service to the people of Bundaberg,” John said.

o find out more, head to the Bundy Dogs Facebook page here.