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Elliott Heads hosting beach volleyball tour

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The Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour will kick off in Elliott Heads this weekend. Photo: Rogue Gun Photography, Volleyball Queensland

More than 90 beach volleyball players will take to the sand at Elliott Heads this weekend for the Queensland Beach Volleyball Tour.

The QBVT is the highest level of beach volleyball in the state, providing a competitive environment for elite and developing athletes.

Hosted by a range of venues reaching from the Gold Coast to North Queensland, the tour showcases the sport to audiences across Queensland.

Event organiser Shanon Zunker said spectators could enjoy two days of fast-paced volleyball action with the backdrop of the 2020 Bundaberg Mahindra Windslasher Festival.

“This is actually the fifth year we have come to the region,” he said.

“Last year when the kite surfing event began we decided it would be a great idea to align the two events together.”

Shannon said 45 teams from across the state would battle it out on Saturday at Elliott Heads, with the preliminary matches kicking off before Sunday features the final play offs.”

“We have some really high-ranking players in the competition this year,” he said.

“With so much happening in the volleyball world of late, we were really lucky to lure in these players for the tour.”

Elliott Heads a top spot for beach volleyball

Shanon said Elliott Heads made a great spot for the games, with the right conditions and vast space perfect for players.

“It really is a beautiful spot, and, in the past, many players have exclaimed how stunning the location is,” he said.

“There is always a positive response from visitors, and I am sure this year will be no different.

“There is also the opportunity or the players to explore the rest of the region in their downtime and in the past, many have done just that- seeing the turtles, exploring the parks and more.”

Shanon said those who wanted to watch the games unfold could expect some professional sportsmanship and fast-paced action on the beach.

“It is an easy sport to follow because there aren’t too many bodies on the sand so you don’t get lost in it all,” he said.  

“Beach volleyball is quite dynamic and the athleticism behind it is impressive.

“Plus, being able to watch a sport in a picture-perfect location at the beach is a great experience for anyone.”

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