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Nardoo Nursery plant sale a blooming success

Nardoo Nursery plant sale
Bundaberg’s Julie Burry and Sue Jackson had their hands, trolley and wheelbarrow full of bargain buys at the Nardoo Nursery plant sale.

Hundreds of local plant enthusiasts swarmed to the Nardoo Nursery Mega Plant Sale at Community Lifestyle Support on Saturday morning.

Just like bees to honey, community members were on the hunt for a bargain plant or two, with all happy to support the not-for-profit charity organisation.

Bundaberg’s Julie Burry and Sue Jackson not only had their hands full of bargains, but also needed a wheelbarrow and trolley to take the plants they bought to their car.

Julie laughed as she lost count of the plants she had stacked up, saying she couldn't divulge the amount, while Sue agreed saying it was “at least a car full”.

“It’s amazing really,” Julie said.

“I’ve been aiming to come out here, but through the week have found it hard, so this plant sale is wonderful.

“It really is good to support a local organisation that is raising awareness of people with disabilities also.”

Organisers delighted with the response

Organising the Nardoo Nursery Mega Sale, Anne Davies said the response from the community was all that they had hoped for.

“This is a not-for-profit nursery and all of the proceeds go toward supporting people with a disability,” Anne said.

The gates opened at 8am and had the eight volunteers run off their feet with eager customers seeking information about a variety of plants, with the hopes of finding a treasure or two.

“We are always looking for more volunteers as our trainees have all finished now and we will have to manage six acres of gardens on our own until we get more,” Anne said.

With thousands of plants on sale, Anne said she hoped they would sell out, especially as they had younger stock coming through.

“This is a one-off sale and we are going to open on the third Saturday of the month.

“We had this sale to let people know we are here, and that we are open, and they can come down and help support people with disabilities to engage in the community.”

Nardoo Nursery plant sale a chance to relax

Janet Mitchell took the Nardoo Nursery Mega Sale as an opportunity to take her mum Norma Ruhl out for a relaxing morning of plant shopping.

Nardoo Nursery plant sale
Janet Mitchell went plant shopping at the Nardoo Nursery plant sale with her mum Norma Ruhl and both agreed gardening was relaxing.

Within minutes of arriving Janet said they were amazed by the variety of plants available and said, as they were both keen gardeners, they were hoping to grab a bargain while supporting a good cause.

“With the drought we haven’t had much gardening to do until now,” Janet said.

“My son bought me a wheelbarrow for Christmas and so we have come out to look at all the little plants.

“Plants of all types are just lovely, to me gardening is relaxing, as being in the garden has a calming effect.”

Norma said she had mostly pot plants at her place and found gardening to be relaxing for the mind and soul.

“I think if everyone got in and did a little gardening it would do them good,” Norma said.

“You turn off from your cooking and everything when you get in the garden.”

Both agreed the Nardoo Nursery was accomplishing great things, especially involving people with disabilities to be more inclusive in the local community.