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4WD club support Leukemia Foundation with donation

Leukemia Foundation
President Barry Bryett with Sue-Ellen Pitt and Sue Sohier.

Bundaberg 4WD Club columnist Brad Praed discusses blood cancer and the club's recent donation made to the Leukemia Foundation.

Your blood is a remarkable thing.

It keeps you alive by giving your body what it needs, taking away what it doesn’t and fighting off infection.

But more than 110,000 people in Australia are living with the devastating impact of blood cancer and it’s one of the biggest causes of cancer death.

It’s a cancer of your blood and immune systems, preventing them from doing what they need to keep you alive and healthy.

Blood cancer develops in the places of your body where blood is made, but it's exact cause is unknown.

A range of things affect someone’s chance of surviving blood cancer and it can be incurable.

There are many different types of blood cancer and together they are among the most prevalent and deadly cancers in Australia today.

The most common types of blood cancer are called lymphoma, Leukemia and myeloma.

Club member, Sue Sohier, put forward that the Bundaberg 4WD Club donate to the Leukaemia Foundation after her dad passed away from Leukemia.

Sue received a great deal of support from the Bundaberg Branch and praised the effort of counseling given in her time of loss.

The clubs major income for this worthwhile cause was from sales of our annual calendar, which featured shots of club members cars on various trips out and about.

Our valued sponsors cover the printing costs and all profits go directly to our chosen charity.

Another fundraiser carried out was from our Ladies Day Drive where members paid trip fines for not dressing up, or any other reason the trip leader decided was worthy of a “payment”.

A donation of $1230 was handed over recently to Sue-Ellen Pitt, the Community Supporters Coordinator, to help support the great work they do.

Club members were pleased to support such a worthy cause, being so close to one of our own members families.

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