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Taxiway construction enhances airport operations

Bundaberg Airport
Bundaberg Regional Council's Greg Barington, Murray Lederhose and Craig Sheather at Bundaberg Airport.

Construction of a new taxiway is under way at Bundaberg Airport to provide operational efficiencies and potential for new enterprises.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s project manager Craig Sheather said Taxiway Alpha would coincide with the extension works of Taxiway Hotel.

“Recently we have been undertaking construction of Taxiway Alpha and the extension of Taxiway Hotel, with these works due to be completed soon,” he said.

It’s construction which Craig said was part of the ongoing transformation of the Bundaberg Regional Aviation Aerospace Precinct, which had been underway since 2018.

He said current works, which were ongoing while the airport operates as usual, would be complete by mid-March 2020.

“With the current works involved we have faced various challenges with maintaining the airport operations and minimising disruptions to passengers and airlines,” Craig said.

“To achieve this, we have worked in collaboration with airport personnel and the RFDS and Lifeflight building works to make sure both projects match the delivery timeframe.”

The project is being undertaken by local company Berajondo Earthmoving and Haulage.

Taxiway project gets off the ground

Airport Manager Greg Barrington said the taxiway project involved both airport staff and Council’s major projects team working together to get the job done.

He said once complete, the taxiways would provide benefits to not only aircraft using the Bundaberg Airport, but also to the community and commercial industry.

There really are two purposes, the first is about operational efficiency,” Greg said.

 “At the moment, if an aircraft wants to use the whole of the runway it has to taxi back down 350 metres of the runway which takes time.

“The extension of Taxiway Hotel allows aircraft to get to the threshold of our main runway without having to occupy the runway while doing so.

“For the community and commercial aspect, the building of Taxiway Alpha is important because it allows aircraft to get to aerospace precinct which means somebody can set up a business that services aeroplanes there.”

The Bundaberg Aeromedical Base and Patient Transfer Facility.

The taxiway projects come just as the new RFDS and Lifeflight facility commences operations at the Bundaberg Regional Aviation Aerospace Precinct.

Construction began in April 2019 and provides a joint Royal Flying Doctor Service and LifeFlight aeromedical base close to the airport.

The purpose-built facility has been tailored to the needs of pilots, nurses and office staff and include a new patient transfer facility, meaning patients will be transferred to Queensland Ambulance Vehicles inside and in comfort, out of the elements.

This project has been funded by Council with a co-contribution from the Queensland Government’s ‘Building our Regions’ program.

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