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Random acts of kindness amid Coronavirus alarm

Random acts of kindness are keeping community bonds strong within the Bundaberg Region during Coronavirus panic.

Amid the chaos of Coronavirus, random acts of kindness have been taking place throughout the Bundaberg Region, making community bonds a little stronger.

Two local residents have shared their stories of a stranger's genorosity, saying their experiences had restored their faith in humanity.

Jacqui Ridge said she was met with kindness from a stranger while shopping at Woolworths at Hinkler this week.

After doing a small shop with her husband, a worker stocking shelves stopped beside the couple and asked if they would like a bottle of hand wash.

“He said once on the shelves, it would be gone,” Jacqui said.

“It nearly brought me to tears, his kindness.”

Jacqui said while only small, the positive encounter had restored her faith in humanity and she wanted to thank the unknown worker for his thoughtfulness.

“I would like to thank him and all the hard workers there for all they are doing in such difficult circumstances,” she said.

“This sort of positive behaviour helps in times like this because it shows there are people out there who do care about others.

“Makes a huge difference. If we all passed forward an act of kindness right now, it would make it a better place for all.”

Resident Georgia Bennier also had a positive experience while shopping recently.

Georgia said she grabbed the bare minimum at Kepnock Aldi to feed her family of four through lunches for the coming week.

“I didn’t over buy any product. Among my $80 shop was two brioche packs, two croissant packs and two loaves of bread,” she said.

However, Georgia said she didn't realise a limit of three bread products had been put in place and she was asked by staff to return some of her shop.

“I did so and while packing my car a lovely lady walked up to me and hands me two of the items I had to leave behind,” Georgia said.

“I was completely overwhelmed at the whole situation. She is from Biggenden and visiting here.

“Just purely and simply a kind gesture from a stranger!”

Georgia said the random act of kindness had restored her faith in humanity.

“With everyone showing the ‘in it for themselves’ mentality, it was a small gesture from this lady, but it made an huge positive impact on me and left me feeling much better about the world we live in,” she said.

“Everyone is experiencing this for the first time and we need to think about others, as we usually normally do.

“It costs nothing to be generous and considerate of others. Just buy what you need and make sure everyone around you is okay.”