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Eco-friendly Confetti & T makes any occasion special

Confetti & T.
Teeana Dinsey hand-cuts a variety native leaves to create beautiful confetti pieces for Confetti & T. with the aim to be more environmentally-friendly for both wildlife and the surrounding areas.

With the aim of leaving only memories at a special occasion, Teeana Dinsey has started a small environmentally-friendly business Confetti & T using biodegradable confetti.

The idea of using environmentally-friendly, hand-cut natural confetti instead of the small pieces of paper, polyester film, or metallic material, which are usually thrown at celebrations, especially parades and weddings, came to Teeana after she saw a social media post by a local cafe calling for suggestions on how to keep their gardens and wildlife safe during times of celebration.

“So, I thought what better way than to make sure I have this product available and ready to create great memories and keep our world free from nasties and our wildlife bouncing around,” Teeana said.

“Confetti & T. is a small local business that hand crafts bio-degradable confetti out of gum leaves.

“Everything I make is 100 per cent safe for our environment and breaks down on its own accord, no more messy plastic confetti!”

Teeana said in the short time since she started Confetti & T. she had received support from the local community.

“I started Confetti and T. going on a month now, and I honestly can’t believe how many beautiful people are behind me on this journey of small local business.

Confetti & T.
Young entrepreneur Teeana Dinsey's new business Confetti & T. makes environmentally-friendly confetti for all celebrations.

“I use my Friday afternoons walking bush tracks to find that correct branch I am looking for, I go out with an idea of the branch I would love to create my confetti with, and I always come back with more then what I have bargained for.

“I always provide a number of custom orders, as I source Australian rose petals that are dried and sent to me. I also have so many different choices coming, so keep your eyes peeled Bundaberg.”

Art and craft blossomed years after school

Teeana said she was far-from artistic during her time at Shalom College, but at 26 years of age her love for art and craft had blossomed, and her creativity lead her down the entrepreneurial path.

“I was far from your artist in the school classroom, but as I have adventured into adult life, I can say craft has started to love me more,” she said. 

“I have multiple hole punches, from love hearts to champagne glasses.

“My confetti is loved for hours on end and delivered to its owner in a custom created goodie bag of their choice.

“I cater to any need, from baby sprinkles to your big day. Nothing is too big of a job; I work closely with the event maker throughout their confetti journey.”

Confetti is said to have been used since the middle ages, and Teeana said it remains popular today, but as more people are environmentally-minded they have sought natural products.

“Everyone loves to see photos that jump out at you, using confetti is such a beautiful option,” she said.

“Surprise baby showers have been a top love for my customers, I can’t think of a better image then having pink or blue (confetti) scattered around you when you and your guests open their eyes.

Confetti & T come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, from individual cones, test tubes, small boxes to large buckets, or bundle packs of 10.

 “I also have created glass vow cards for the bride and groom, I have these engraved for your special day, what a keepsake,” she said.

“I am in love with baby pink dried rose petals and my hand-crafted love heart confetti.

“It smells amazing and looks delightful.

Confetti & T.
Confetti & T. is a small local business that hand crafts bio-degradable confetti out of gum leaves and rose petals.

“I mix lime oil through my hand-crafted confetti to give it that lovely smell that leaves left your hands smelling fresh at the end of the confetti toss.”

Confetti & T. is based at Millbank and can be found online here.