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Creative Regions launches 30 artists in 30 days

Creative Regions
Di Wills, Artistic Director of Creative Regions, who have launched the 30 artists in 30 days campaign.

Local creative organisation Creative Regions has come up with a novel Buy Local campaign by highlighting a different artist every day for 30 days.

Artistic Director Di Wills said it was a way to show the rich diversity of creative people in our region and the ways we can support them.

“We've launched our own BUY LOCAL campaign by championing 30 local artists in 30 days,” Di said.

“The ramifications of this pandemic on the arts is staggering and we can all play a part to get to the other end of this.

“When a disaster strikes, it is the arts who offer to step up and lift our spirits. Let's throw some love back their way.”

Di said that the local arts community provides the richness in the fabric of our society.

“It is our storytellers, our entertainers and our artists who are terribly impacted by this pandemic and yet they are the ones who we want to be the most active in times of crisis.

“Imagine an event or festival without artists – no musicians, no stilt walkers, no fire twirlers, no face painters, no performers; it would be like turning on an old tv without colour and sound.

“So we must bolster our struggling arts industry because right now we will turn to the arts more than ever to sing, to create, to share and to innovate.”

Campaign features some of our best artists

The Creative Regions 30 Artists in 30 Days campaign started on Friday and will feature some of our region’s best.

“We’ve already featured musicians, artists, potters and jewellery makers and have many more exciting artists to come.

“We’ll be highlighting their story and how you can support them – by buying their artwork, a CD, a book – there are so many great things they’re doing that everyone can access online.”

You can follow the 30 Artists in 30 Days on the Creative Regions Facebook page.

“One of our best kept secrets about this region is how we band together, so now more than ever, buy the book, the album, the artwork, the instrument, the music lesson, and do it locally.

“We can all contribute to the continuing richness of our community.”

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