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RSPCA animal foster carers urgently needed

Bundaberg RSPCA's Lorin Grey with kittens looking for foster homes.

RSPCA Queensland has put a call out for animal lovers to apply online to become a temporary carer to a pet in need.

The organisation is seeking assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic, with 270 animals waiting to be placed into temporary foster homes.

Manager of the Bundaberg RSPCA shelter Lorin Grey said the local group were working through their list of foster carers already on the books but looked forward to hearing from new carers willing to host an animal.

“We have not received any applications form Bundaberg yet and are still interested in hearing from people,” she said.

As of yesterday, the shelter closed their doors to the public and were now operating on an appointment-only basis.

Lorin said for those looking to adopt an animal, registrations online were a must.

“We know that many in our community enjoy visiting our shelter just to spend time with our animal residents,” she said.

“Unfortunately we have to put a hold on this for the time being – but watch our Facebook page for cute animal updates coming your way.”

Lorin said there were 65 animals available for adoption in Bundaberg, with 29 currently in foster care.

“While the Coronavirus restrictions affect our visitors, it is pretty much business as usual for us here at the shelter as we continue to work to look after all of the animals in our care,” she said.

For those wishing to make donations to the RSPCA, Lorin said the kind gesture would need to be put on hold for the time being.

“If you have items like towels, sheets, feeding bowls etc to donate to us, we kindly ask that you hold on to them for a little while longer,” she said.

“Food donations can easily be dropped in to one of our donation bins at each major shopping centre in Bundaberg and Bargara, only during your limited essential supermarket trips, of course.”

For those urgently needing a safe place to house their animals, Lorin said the RSPCA boarding kennels were still operational.

“Our boarding kennels are still open for now, until we are told they should no longer operate,” she said.

For adoptions, register your interest online or call the shelter on 4155 1736.

To sign up to become a foster carer click here.