Shebah Drops helps deliveries in Bundaberg Region

Shebah Drops Bundaberg
Shebah Drops has launched in the Bundaberg Region to help delivery of shopping, take-away or medicine to people. Photo: Bundaberg Shebah drivers: Kelli Thurston, Lynette Richter and Deb Webb.

If you are one of the many Bundaberg Region residents staying at home or self-isolating Shebah Wide Bay has launched Shebah Drops to help.

For a flat fee of $11.66 Shebah Drops will collect anything from groceries, take-away food, items from the chemist or any other essential item and deliver them straight to your door.

In October last year Kelli Thurston became the first Shebah driver in Bundaberg, and now there are two more local women, Lynette Richter and Deb Webb, who have dedicated their time to the female ride-share company.

Kelli said on Friday Shebah Drops was launched in Bundaberg to assist females, children and the elderly during the recent public health concerns, and advice given to stay home, around the Coronavirus.

She said Shebah Drops would allow community members to have pretty much anything delivered from one place to the next, whether it was something dropped off to a friend or relative or the collection of tonight's dinner, they were able to help.

“We're working hard to support local businesses and keep our lovely female drivers on the road,” Kelli said.

“All drivers are fully licensed, insured, police and blue card checked, and following strict hygiene protocols.

Shebah Drops Bundaberg
Shebah Drops has launched in the Bundaberg Region to help delivery of shopping, take-away or medicine to people.

“Simply download the Shebah app and choose the ‘drop' option.

“You can book your driver in advance to make it really simple and call them with any instructions.”

Shebah Drops flat fee of $11.66 for local deliveries

Kelli said the flat $11.66 fee applied to all local Shebah Drop deliveries, and she hoped the realistic price would help keep the three local Shebah drivers employed.

“It’s the volume of jobs we get that will keep our wheels rolling,” Kelli said.

“We have had a declining number of customers in the past two weeks, so this is a way we will keep in business and also help the community in return.”

She said distance wasn’t an issue, and multiple pick-ups could be added to Shebah Drops service.

“If you order food from a Thai restaurant, then also make a purchase at Dan Murphy’s, and pre-pay for both, we can collect one and then the other, in the order you request, then deliver both to your door step,” Kelli said.

“We aim to go over and above when it comes to service, and stops can be added to the service.

“Then we can deliver with zero contact to your door.”

Kelli said by using the Shebah app, which now included the Shebah Drops section, it was easy to book in advance.

For those who don’t have access to the app they can phone Kelli on 0418 451 966 or check out their Facebook page for more information.

  • For updates or advice about Coronavirus visit the Department of Health website.