Teddy bear hunt campaign spreads joy in Bundy

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg
Lexi Loch and her mum Natalie were excited to place these little chaps in their windows and take part in We're Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg.

Cute and cuddly teddy bears have been popping up in unexpected places all over the Bundaberg Region, spreading joy to families during COVID-19 restrictions.

Helen Arsenault is a mother-of-three teenagers who started the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg campaign to give families a little bit of happiness during the current social-distancing regulations.

The campaign has seen a mass of teddy bears and stuffed animals in all sorts of places, giving families a fun and safe opportunity to take part in the treasure hunt style activity.

“It gives parents the chance to take their kids outdoors to either drive, walk or jog around together and spot the teddy bears,” she said.

“Of course, it’s important to remember social distancing and stay with the same group of people who live in your home while enjoying some time out of the house.”

Helen said the idea came to her after she and her husband were watching news from America where she believed the movement started and was inspired by the children’s book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, written by UK author Michael Rosen.

“I was then speaking to my friend about it and thought you know what, why don’t we start a group here?” she said.

“Within 24 hours of the group being established on Facebook we already had 217 members and it just grew and grew.”

Bears out and about all over Bundaberg Region

Helen said residents from all over the region were taking part and the ideas and photos of locations kept coming in.

She said she was updating the Facebook page with streets where people could find the bears every few hours.  

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg
Emily Dempster and her daughters are taking part in We're Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg and has placed Milly outside their home for people to find.

Helen said We're Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg had teddy bears climbing and hanging from trees, sitting on verandas or even looking out windows.

“It’s nice to be able to take the kids for a walk in the neighbourhood, I believe it gives everyone a little joy,” Helen said.

“We only ask that people be respectful, don’t go on to people’s property and follow general common sense when taking part.”

Helen said even though her children were teenagers, as young children they all enjoyed reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, and it was still one of the family’s favourites.

“I remember seeing the book read on Playschool when I was younger and I read it to my children,” she said.

“We actually still have a copy and it’s nice this has come about during this time.

“I’m a pretty positive person, the glass if half-full kind, I’m a hugger and so when quarantine was announced I was like noooo, but now I love seeing the happiness this is bringing to people and it’s nice to see the joy during times like this.”

To find out more about We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg, and for an update list of streets, join the Facebook group.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Bundaberg streets

  • ABC Wide Bay, Woongarra St
  • Belle Eden Dr, Ashfield
  • Anderson St, Avenell Heights
  • Chancellor Dr, Avenell Heights
  • Dunn Rd, Avenell Heights
  • Harvet St, Avenell Heights
  • Lutz Ct, Avenell Heights
  • McCarthy St, Avenell Heights
  • Rattray St, Avenell Heights
  • Sims Rd, Avenell Heights
  • Sinclair St, Avenell Heights
  • Branyan Dr, Avoca
  • East-West Ave, Avoca
  • Houston Dr, Avoca
  • Kendalls Rd, Avoca
  • Michel Lane, Avoca
  • Seventy Four Ct, Avoca
  • Smiths Rd, Avoca
  • Brandon Court, Coral Cove
  • Bargara Blue Resort
  • Explorers Way, Bargara
  • Garson Dr, Bargara
  • Isaac St, Bargara
  • Lawson St, Bargara
  • Miller St, Bargara
  • Solander St, Bargara
  • Watsons Rd, Bargara
  • Palermo Ave, Belle Eden
  • Palmerston Dr, Branyan
  • Avalon St, Burnett Heads
  • Bisdee St, Coral Cove
  • Bragg St, East Bundaberg
  • Cunnington St, East Bundaberg
  • Martin St, East Bundaberg
  • Thomas Healy Dr, East Bundaberg
  • Elliott Heads Rd, Elliott Heads
  • Welch St, Elliott Heads
  • Fairymead
  • Burley Rd, Innes Park
  • Coral Waters Estate, Innes Park
  • Kathleen Dr, Innes Park
  • Armitage Ct, Kalkie
  • Balaam Dr, Kalkie
  • Bargara Rd, Kalkie
  • Linderberg St, Kalkie
  • Paddington Ct, Kalkie
  • Pettigrew Dr, Kalkie
  • Pharlap Parade, Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Elliott Heads Rd, Kepnock
  • Greathead Rd, Kepnock
  • Kepnock Rd, Kepnock
  • Pizzey St, Kepnock
  • FE Walker St, Kepnock
  • Avoca St, Millbank
  • Johnston St, Millbank
  • Sapphire Ct, Millbank
  • Warrell St, Millbank
  • Wendt St, Millbank
  • Moore Park Beach
  • Mariners Way, North Bundaberg
  • Sweeney St, North Bundaberg
  • Fault Sr, Norville
  • Maynard St, Norville
  • McNeilly St, Norville
  • Stedman St, Norville
  • Portmans Rd, Qunaba
  • St Joseph's Kindy
  • Arthur St, South Bundaberg
  • Curtis St, South Bundaberg
  • Pitt St, South Bundaberg
  • Rossolini St, South Bundaberg
  • Barnes St, Svensson Heights
  • Bates St, Svensson Heights
  • Moran St, Svensson Heights
  • Steffensen St, Svensson Heights
  • Billabong Dr, Tantitha
  • Currawong Rd, Tantitha
  • Blake Ct, Thabeban
  • Clearview Ave, Thabeban
  • Frizt St, Thabeban
  • Riedy St, Thabeban
  • Sunset Dr, Thabeban
  • The Strand West, Thabeban
  • Thomas Thomsen, Thabeban
  • Wyllie St, Thabeban
  • Alice St, Walkervale
  • Beatrice St, Walkervale
  • May St, Walkervale
  • Pitt St, Walkervale
  • Adams St, West Bundaberg
  • Crofton St, West Bundaberg
  • George St, West Bundaberg
  • Walker St, West Bundaberg


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