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Four Wheel Drive Club practices recovery awareness

Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club members participating in a snatch recovery.

Before the recent Coronavirus restrictions were placed, the Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club took part in some recovery awareness training.

Four Wheel Drive’s allow us to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Venturing further than the blacktop armed with the skills to tackle various terrains is part of being a safe and responsible Four Wheel Driver.

Getting stuck is part of the territory, so knowing how to get out safely is your number one priority.

Being prepared for what might come your way in the outdoors when we travel is also a consideration.

The Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club ran an awareness day at Kinkuna National Park, before our travels were stopped, on how to use and recover a 4WD in sand for its members.

Participants learnt about their vehicles and the recovery gear they had on board.

Tyre pressures, recovery points, recovery straps and what to look for when buying them were covered.

Not many know that the gear you buy should be rated to the vehicle it is used on.

Just waking in and buying, or ordering online, could mean you are placing yourself and others in danger if using the wrong gear.

The day saw partakers get purposely bogged and then use proper procedures to rescue one and other, under the guidance of three of the clubs certified trainers.

From the first time sand drivers to the more experienced, the day was a great success and members gained the knowledge on how to be prepared, and using the right recovery gear gave them the confidence to venture out as they now have the skills to get back again.

Club activities are, like most other things, on hold. We are still having our monthly meetings, be that online.

If you’re interested in what were doing till we can get out and about shoot the club a message and we will send you the link to join us on the last Wednesday of the month.

To find out more on the Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club and activities we have on, contact us via email at, at or catch us on Facebook or Instagram.

Brad Praed
Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club