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#chalkyourwalk trend hits Bundaberg Region streets

chalk artwork
Positive messages are popping up in footpaths throughout the region, including this #chalkyourwalkbundaberg art.

Colourful chalk artwork has been popping up on sidewalks all over town, spreading bright messages of hope and positivity during COVID-19.

The trend #chalkyourwalk first started in America and is now happening throughout the Bundaberg Region as people take on the art challenge during self-isolation.

It's something Bundaberg Regional Council's Community Development team think there should be more of and have urged the community to continue the chalk art work at home.

“Across the region we have seen several chalk drawings emerge, bringing colour and positive vibes to help lift each other’s spirits and reminding us that we can be stronger together during unknown times,” Community Services Manager Kirstin Harrison said.

“With such a great way to get people outside and spreading positivity, we want to issue a challenge to all those that are staying at home, young and old to get outside in your yard and use your footpath and driveway to share your chalk artwork.”

Kirstin said chalk artwork could be anything from positive messages, drawings or even a thank you to those that were working hard to keep the community safe.

She said the project would benefit many people currently practicing self-isolation and social distancing.

chalk artwork

“A project like this provides an opportunity to share positive messages and helps people know they are not alone- we are all in this together,” Kirstin said.

Businesses were also being encouraged to participate in the challenge by featuring chalk art on shop sidewalks.

“It’s a great way for people to send message to their neighbourhood, children can be involved at every level through picture words or comments,” Kirstin said.

“Yes, we do need to be physically distant from each other now, but we don’t have to be socially disconnected from each other too.”

Join the movement and share your chalk drawings messages by tagging your photos with #chalkyourwalkbundy on Facebook.