Churches go online for Easter services

Bundaberg Church's Easter services will now be online

In light of Coronavirus guidelines, Churches have had to rethink the way their Easter services are conducted.

As well as reaching out to their parishioners by phone and mail, many are going online to share their Easter services.

Anglican Parish of Bundaberg

The Anglican Parish of Bundaberg has a number of online resources throughout Easter.

They can be accessed through their Facebook page.

Bundaberg Lutheran Parish

Greg Graham, Lead Pastor at Bundaberg Lutheran Parish said they are livestreaming their services.

“St John's Lutheran Church is live streaming its service via ZOOM at 9am on Sunday mornings” Pastor Greg said.

“Connection is through an email invitation so if anyone would like to join us an email needs to be sent to

“The service can also be accessed through our website or FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE.

“We are also streaming our Good Friday service at 9 am.”



Catholic Parish of Bundaberg

Fr Peter Tonti, Parish Priest for the Catholic Parish of Bundaberg said the Church has been innovative in the attempt to stay in touch with all the parishioners.

“The immediate response has been to form a team to regularly call every parishioner we can by phone.

“We are using our website and Facebook page to provide information and updates on how you can access Mass online.

“We are also interviewing parishioners (Church Chat) each week and uploading the interview which can be accessed through Facebook and YouTube.

“Our Visitation Team has been particularly busy ensuring the elders are being looked after by providing the call and the parish bulletin.

“Those who are IT savvy have been assisting those who need assistance with the modern forms of communication.

“Our many meetings are by the way of Zoom which is useful for members of the Parish Team who are working from home.

“We are always on the lookout for other ideas as we journey through these challenging time.

“Trusting you are safe and in Good spirits.

“All the Blessings for Easter and the Ventures ahead.”


Holy Thursday   5:00pm online

Good Friday        3:00pm online

Easter Sunday   9:00am Live streaming  

Citicoast Church

Senior Pastor Christine Riddell said a number of services would be live streamed.

“We invite the community to join with Citicoast Church as we celebrate this Easter the new life Jesus has given as a gift to all of humanity,” she said.

“Citicoast Church has a Prayer and Communion evening on Thursday, 9th April at 7pm.

“This will be live streamed on the Citicoast Church Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“Easter Sunday will also be live streamed via the same platforms mentioned above at 10am.

“Our youth ministry has a Good Friday live stream at 7:30pm. It can be accessed at ‘Citicoast Youth – CY’ on Facebook and at the YouTube channel ‘Citicoast Youth’.


Heritage Church

Pastor Errol Buckle said this Christmas is a very different world to Christmas 2019.

“As we enter another major time for the Christian Church I consider how Jesus must have felt being cut of physically from heaven,” he said.

“He was however constantly connecting to the Heavenly Father through the communication method of Prayer.

“He would soon return to heaven, but only after enduring the pain of the cross and further separation from the Heavenly Father through the joy of the resurrection.

“He endured this by looking to the hope of a better future; one day to be reunited with his people.

“We can learn to cope with the present by looking to the future.

“We will get through this troubling time and I believe we will be a better people for it.”


Salvation Army

Chris and Mel Millard from the Salvation Army Bundaberg said it is an opportunity to look at different ways to connect, while staying separate physically.

“As we know, church needs to look a lot different than what we are used to,” they said.

“Thankfully, we can still connect through phone, internet, notes, letters and prayer.

Don’t overlook the need to be praying for each other, our community and our world at large.”



There will also be services available from some other Salvation Army locations who livestream: