LifestyleIncreased demand in Bundaberg for pet chickens

Increased demand in Bundaberg for pet chickens

Pet chicken
Tyson Candy adores his pet chicken Brock. His parents Jennifer and Jack purchased the one-day-old chicks from Boylans Produce saying they didn't realise there was such a high demand for them at this time.

Boylans Produce in Bundaberg sell one-day-old chickens and due to increasing demand they've had to put prospective buyers on a waiting list.

They said since the start of March every second phone call had been someone wanting to buy baby chickens or asking about laying hens.

Chicken producers all around Australia have seen a surge in sales as people sought to secure a steady supply of eggs since the Coronavirus panic buying of items including toilet paper started.

It seems Bundaberg families are also looking for backyard companions with many seeking the baby chickens as backyard pets that will later produce eggs.

Kepnock residents Jennifer and Jack Candy didn’t realise there was such a high demand for chickens, and after a week on the Boylans Produce waiting list they had secured three chicks for their three young sons Harrison, Tyson and Sonny.

Jennifer said as they didn’t own any pets, they bought the chickens for the boys over the Easter school holidays to help their sons learn the responsibility that came with pet ownership.

Pet chicken
Harrison, Tyson and Sonny Candy were excited to get pet chickens over the Easter school holidays. Sonny enjoys taking his little chook for a ride in his Tonka Truck.

“We wanted to get them a pet and needed something low maintenance,” Jennifer said.

“They have turned out great, and we have found them to be very social as they follow the boys around the yard everywhere, they really are ideal pets.

“They interact really well with the kids and each chick has their own personality just like the boys; Sonny even takes his for a ride in his Tonka Truck.

“When they are bigger then will be free-range and we look forward to their eggs.”

Tyson said the little girls loved cuddles and he enjoyed watching them run around the backyard foraging for small bugs.