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Flower industry heads towards busiest time of year

From Farm to Vase
From Farm to Vase founder Katrin Rosse uses fresh local flowers from the Bundaberg Region.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner the flower industry is heading towards one of the busiest times of the year.

Bundaberg's From Farm to Vase founder Katrin Rosse says this year it’s going to be little different due to COVID-19.

“As a result of COVID-19 impacts, many Australian flower growers have been forced to slash their crops as they haven’t been able to sell them on markets and reduced their plantings for the Mother’s Day period in a fear of uncertainty,” she said.

“As flower production doesn’t happen overnight, it has been extremely difficult to make plans for both the near and long future, leaving farmers to float in uncharted waters for months.

“Many of the flower businesses have closed their doors, some temporarily, some for good while others have taken this opportunity to go online and use delivery services as their main source for sales.”

Although times were changing, Katrin said it wasn't all bad news.

“Many flights have been cancelled, making flower imports expensive or not even available, so the florist industry is looking towards the local producers for supply,” she said.

“There may not be the exact varieties, size or colour of blooms available, but at times like these, we are all willing to make exceptions.

“It’s been so heartwarming to see the rise in community awareness around Australian grown and made produce.”

Katrin said now was a good time to support your local flower farmer and florist in the lead up to Mother's Day.

“Here at From Farm to Vase, we are committed to supporting our local flower farmers as well as educating people around flower industry, Australian grown blooms versus imported flowers as well as general flower care and the farm fresh produce,” Katrin said.

“Mother’s Day will be important for our business as well and even more we are proud to sell only locally grown seasonal flowers.

“We are glad to see that people are getting more comfortable ordering flowers online using delivery options, as well as choosing locally grown over flowers from other areas.”

To celebrate Mother's Day, From Farm to Vase has announced a sale with 15 per cent off all flowers featuring only locally grown blooms.

More details at www.fromfarmtovase.com.au


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