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Bundaberg Show cancelled but show bags still available

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The Bundaberg Show won't go ahead this year but show bags are still available for purchase online.

While the Bundaberg Show has been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, residents will still be able to experience the magic of the event through online show bags.

Bensons Trading Company is an Australian business which has been providing show bags to regional shows for more than 70 years.

This year, however, the family-owned company have made some massive changes and want the Bundaberg community to know show bags were still available through online purchases.

Bensons Trading Company's Samantha Atkinson said a full range of showbags, including all of the family favourites, were readily available at Showbags.com.au.

“Our Cadbury range is extremely popular and for pre-schoolers, it's definitely the Bluey bags,” she said.

“We also have Pokémon and Harry Potter and Lol Surprise that have been very strong sellers.

“We have introduced some lifestyle show bags such as Nobody's Bae, which is a great gift for Mums or older teen girls, and we have a workout show bag called GSquad which includes a yoga mat and gym accessories which have been extremely popular.”

Samantha said with regional shows across the nation on pause, news of show bag deliveries had been welcomed by many.

“We have had an overwhelming response over the past month and have dispatched thousands of orders,” she said.

“Show bags are a unique tradition and have been part of our Aussie culture for many years, people really love them.”

Samantha said the content inside show bags had changed considerably over the years and now, it was important to provide a wide range of product inside each bundle of fun.

“As a mum, when we work on the product development of a show bag I really look at what is value for money,” she said. 

“We try to look at it from the consumers point of view as if they were to go and spend that money in the general retail market.

“For toy bags especially there is a lot of value for the price of $30, with over $60 worth of product inside.”

show bags
Dora the Explorer with some show bags a few years ago.

Samantha said her family business had been dramatically impacted by COVID-19 restrictions but they were still working hard to provide a little bit of show magic during these tough times.

“My cousin, father and myself are the third generations running our business,” she said.

“Bensons Trading Company has been around since the early 1950s.

“We have had to adapt our business to become an online retailer within a matter of months to continue to survive throughout this pandemic.

“Thankfully, we have been supported greatly and enjoy spreading one part of the show around to those who will miss out.”

To find out more or to order your show bag click here.

The Bundaberg Show holiday

The State Government has advised that while regional shows have been cancelled, show holidays will remain in place.

The 28 May holiday applies in the 4660 (Childers) and 4670 postcode areas.

In the 4671 postcode area (Gin Gin and district), the holiday is on Monday, 10 August to coincide with the Royal Queensland Show which has also been cancelled because of Coronavirus restrictions.