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Councillor portfolios allocated

Council meeting livestream
The first ordinary meeting of Bundaberg Regional Council for this term was streamed live online because of Coronavirus restrictions.

Bundaberg Regional Councillors today voted to adopt portfolio responsibilities across 11 major service areas.

A report to Council said “the portfolio system has proved beneficial, allowing each Councillor to be responsible for a specific area … Councillors have had informal discussions on the options for management of Council’s business for this term of office.”

  • Economic development, Mayor JM Dempsey
  • Organisational services, Cr SA Cooper
  • Water and wastewater, Cr JP Bartels
  • Roads and drainage, Cr WR Trevor
  • Parks and gardens, Cr WA Honor
  • Waste and recycling, Cr TM McLoughlin
  • Sport and recreation, Cr VJ Habermann
  • Community services, Cr TM McPhee
  • Airport, COVID-19 recovery and disaster management, Cr GR Barnes
  • Health, compliance and enforcement, Cr MBE Mitchell
  • Arts, culture and events, Cr JD Learmonth

There was some discussion about whether a planning portfolio should be included. A notice of motion to establish a planning committee comprising three elected members was foreshadowed for a decision at the next meeting.

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