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Burnett Heads fairy garden brings joy

Fairy Garden Burnett Heads
Elsy Drew was pleasantly surprised when she and her family stumbled upon this fairy garden at Burnett Heads.

As Coronavirus restrictions ease a Bundaberg family have found a pleasant surprise of a fairy garden as they strolled along the esplanade at Burnett Heads.

Hannah Jacobs and her children often enjoy walking the track between Mon Repos and Burnett Heads, but since the Covid-19 restriction were introduced last month they had preferred to stay indoors.

After a cooler start to May, and the easing of restrictions, the family set out to enjoy the coastal path when they stumbled upon the beautiful assortment of perfectly painted stones, that were made up like tiny villages.

Hannah said she wasn’t sure how long the fairy garden had been there, as it was the first time they had noticed it and it brought joy to the morning walk.

Fairy Garden Burnett Heads
Hannah Jacobs and her children were overjoyed on their first outing since the Coronavirus restrictions were lifted, to find a fairy garden of painted rocks at Burnett Heads.

“There was a rock pathway and a succulent garden all set up neatly,” she said.

“The girls loved exploring and finding all the lady bug families. It turned our walk along the esplanade into an exciting adventure for them.

“We feel like we have been locked up for so long, that it brought all of us a lot of joy!”

Hannah’s daughters Elsy, 11, and Gwen, 9, both said they enjoyed spending time in the fairy garden.

They said they were re-inspired to paint rocks at home, and maybe they would have the chance to drop some to their rocks back to the kind person who created the fairy garden.

Hannah said next to the fairy garden there was a sign, asking people to leave the little stone villages for others to enjoy, but if they would like they could visit a neighbouring house where a basket full of painted rocks was waiting for them to choose one and take it home.

“There were lots of rocks, and in a basket there were rocks that we were allowed to pick one and take home too, mine has a lady bug on it,” Gwen said. 

Hannah said the walk to Burnett Heads had given all of them a little bit more happiness for the day, and the girls were keen to return as soon as possible to see if the fairy garden had grown.