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C-27J Spartan does touch and go routine at airport

C-27J Spartan
The C-27J Spartan Battlefield Airlifter flying into Bundaberg.

A C-27J Spartan RAAF aircraft used to airdrop cargo and paratroops in-flight made the Bundaberg Region its training ground today.

The C-27J Spartan Battlefield Airlifter has a wingspan of 28.7 metres. It was captured practising touch-and-go routines at the Bundaberg Airport this afternoon, making for a spectacular sight.

According to the Royal Australian Air Force, the plane has a range of capabilities similar to the Hercules and Globemaster aircrafts.

The plane is used for airdropping as well as airlifting a variety of cargo loads and conducting aeromedical evacuations of sick or wounded personnel.

RAAF aircraft
The aircraft made a few touch and go attempts at the Bundaberg Airport.

About the C-27J Spartan

The Royal Australian Air Force states the Spartan battlefield airlifter's capabilities bridge the gap between Army helicopters, such as the CH-47F Chinook, and larger Air Force aircraft, such as the C-130J Hercules and C-17A Globemaster III.

The Spartan provides the airlift of people, equipment and supplies in Australia.

It can operate from unsurfaced airstrips, and support humanitarian missions in remote locations.

  • Wingspan: 28.7 metres
  • Weight: 30,500kg
  • Max speed: 670km/h
  • Capacity: 34 passengers, 21 stretcher patients, 5,000kg of cargo
RAAF aircraft
The C-27J Spartan Battlefield Airlifter arrived in Bundaberg today.

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