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iAthlete helps students stay active while staying distant

iActive program
St. Luke's Anglican School student Mania Konopka practices hurdling.

St Luke’s Anglican School has developed a progressive teaching resource for students through their robust learning management system iAthlete.

The athletic development program contains over one thousand videos and tutorials to keep students active and their nutrition under control through the Coronavirus lockdown.

Len Kirchner, Director of Co-Curricular Sport Activities, said the iAthlete program had been in development for months and had been designed to help with holistic athlete development.

“I believe our school is leading the way in terms of offering students’ resources to develop their athletic abilities through our comprehensive learning management system,” Len said.

“During this time when students are away from school we have opened the program up to all our middle and senior students.

“We traditionally would have seen 20 or so athletes using this program and now we have over 400 accessing the programs.”

Len said the program had encouraged students and their families to become more active in a time when people could not attend regular team training or go to the gym.

“What is wonderful to see is the number of students who wouldn’t be considered ‘sporty’ types engaging with iAthlete, learning and staying active,” Len said.

Harrison Baldwin, Year 9, has engaged with iAthlete for over 14 hours since gaining access to the program two weeks ago.

Harrison is one of many students who are developing skills in strength and conditioning, speed, agility nutrition, ball skills and so much more.

St Luke’s Anglican School has engaged with a number of elite sporting and wellness organisations to ensure students have access to the leading experts in their field.

St Luke’s Anglican School students Luan Kirchner and Alexandria Kersnovske.

For example, St Luke’s Anglican School has partnered with Queensland Rugby Union for students to access player training programs.

Grant Dwyer, Queensland Rugby Union, said the programs were a benefit to all involved.

“Australian Rugby Union's inclusive, introductory Rugby program provides Queensland kids with a pathway to progress from being a Rookie to a Red,” Grant said.

“It is great to see a regional school tapping into Queensland Rugby Union training programs.”


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