Tilly’s Beads and Bracelets takes off

Tilly's Beads and Bracelets
Matilda Olsen has spent her time in Covid-19 isolation to create her own business Tilly's Beads and Bracelets.

Matilda Olsen has taken advantage of staying home during the current COVID-19 regulations and started her own business Tilly's Beads and Bracelets.

The 10-year-old entrepreneur, who is known as Til, said it was her dream to own her own business one day, and she surprised herself by starting at her young age.

Til said she was inspired to create funky pieces of jewellery, made from beads, after she and her siblings, Emily, Toby and Hugo, set up a pretend flower stall last Mother’s Day and had a great response from their neighbours and friends.

“Emily, Toby, Hugo and I had a pretend flowers stall about a year ago and that was fun, plus I'm always asking mum and dad if we can have a garage sale because I think that would be fun too,” she said.

“I've worked extra hard this week to have the stall open in time for Mother's Day.”

Bit of fun turns in to Tilly's Beads and Bracelets

Tilly's Beads and Bracelets
Tilly's Beads and Bracelets customers can buy do-it-yourself kits to take home and make bracelets.

The St Mary’s Year 5 student said what had originally started as a little bit of fun to pass the time, soon grew and she had now expanded Tilly's Beads and Bracelets to include the sale of do-it-yourself kits, necklaces, keyrings and gift cards.

“It's something I can do while we're at home because of COVID-19, and I really like doing crafty things,” Til said.

Til said this was her first real business and she was excited to see where it would take her. When she was asked if she knew what an entrepreneur was Til said she was learning fast.

“No, but people have been calling me one, so I'd better find out,” she laughed.

She hopes to make enough money from her first Tilly's Beads and Bracelets roadside stall to increase her product and profit in the future.

“I hope to make enough sales to buy more materials, then I can make more different products to sell,” she said.

“I'd like to thank my family for helping me to get the stall ready.”

To find out more about Tilly's Beads and Bracelets check out her Facebook page here.

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