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Local police up-skill in snake catching 101

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Bargara Police Senior Constable Matt Vickery with the snake.

Two local police officers had a rescue mission of a different kind after they recently came across a carpet snake in the middle of the road.

Senior Constable Karen McNish usually works out of Bundaberg Police Station, but for the last month, she has been filling in at Bargara Police Station.

While Senior Constable McNish was expecting a change of scenery, she was not expecting an encounter with a Slytherin friend.

Recently, out on patrol with Senior Constable Matt Vickery, the officers found this “little” guy on the road.

Senior Constable Vickery said that he regularly rescues snakes from the road and relocates them to the bush so that they don’t get run over.

“Carpet snakes are generally pretty docile,” Senior Constable Vickery said.

“The most difficult part is getting the officer I am working with to agree to putting the snake in the car.”

The officers were happy to sssay that the sssnake was sssuccessfully ssshifted to a nearby tree.

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Senior Community Crime Prevention Officer Sue Rewald

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