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Local support is key for Alloway Farm Market

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The team at Redridge Farms have been making it their mission to support other local farmers and businesses through their marketplace on Alloway Siding Road.

The Alloway Farm Market shop is run by farm manager Ashley Emerick, his parents and their staff and works to promote and sell produce and goods from throughout the Bundaberg Region.

“Alloway Farm Market started about six years ago with the purpose of supporting local farmers by helping them get rid of their seconds and thirds produce,” Ashley said.

“As farmers ourselves we know that while that produce might have skin blemished, internally the fruit is just as delicious, if not better as it can be a bit riper.”

Ashley said Alloway Farm Market was a small idea at first but soon increased to expand its available product range from Bundaberg and surrounds.

“We are now getting citrus from Gayndah and Mundubbera and heading south to Hervey to pick up things to extend our season,” he said.

“Over time we have also added coffee, with Tom from Barking Dog Coffee now roasting his product here.

“We have also built a kitchen with a few plans ahead to keep expanding there.”

Alloway Farm Market
Alloway Farm Market provides a range of fresh farm produce and product from right around the region.

The third generation farmer said Redridge Farms had been operating for many decades and the Alloway Farm Market was one way for his family to also make their own produce available to residents and visitors alike.

“We moved out of small crop farming and into greenhouse farming in the early 2000s then moved into figs in late 2007,” Ashley said.

“That is our main focus today- we have slowly tried to learn the fig crop better so we can extend its season and we are now picking 365 days a year.

“It's not very labour-intensive work but to get the best product it is something that needs attention every day.”

Ashley said the Alloway Farm Market at Redridge Farms not only featured their figs and other produce, it was also a mecca for sweets, jams and more.

“We decided to make our own jam, sauces and relishes mainly incorporating our figs and tomatoes,” he said.

“Then we started making home made biscuits using our family recipes.”

Above all, Ashley said having a one-stop-shop for all local product was the main aim of the marketplace.

“We not only stick to our produce- like avocados and figs, we are also all about supporting other local businesses like bakers and butchers,” he said.

“We are trying to get as many local businesses into our business- that is the key.”

Alloway Farm Market is open each day from 8am to 6pm at 1 Alloway Siding Road.

Find out more about Alloway Farm Market here.

Alloway Farm Market
Alloway Farm Market provides a range of fresh farm produce and product from right around the region.