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Dion Taylor chosen for global travel channel

Dion Taylor
Dion Taylor at HSG at the Gardens.

Bundaberg-based Chef Dion Taylor from HSG at the Gardens has been chosen from applicants across the world to be the ‘featured chef’ in the up coming Global Travel Channel Food Series that will air online on Friday 22 May at www.globaltravelchannel.com

Dion will prepare dishes submitted by the Global Travel Channels listeners from some of the 97 countries across the world where the show is aired.

Dishes will range from Mexico to Italy, from Belgium to Tasmania, as well as plenty of local Bundaberg fare from Dion’s local region.

With a focus on fresh produce, and plenty of different styles of food, toss in a few fun travel tales and this monthly show threatens to ignite the appetite of foodies and travellers across the world.

The CEO and Host of the Global Travel Channel Mark Philpott says they are thrilled to have Dion on board.

“With Dion’s international experience and appetite to promote local Australian cuisine there is going to be plenty in it for our global listeners,” Mark said.

Dion said the opportunity came about through a chat he had with Global Travel Channel CEO Mark Philpott last year.

“I had an interview with Mark late last year and we got on really well,” Dion said.

“Not sure how he turned an hour of chat into a 30 minute podcast but he did.

“Mark interviews guests from all over the world and he’s always asking for listener feedback and I guess I must have tickled somebody’s fancy because I then got the call from Mark to be involved as a featured chef.

“I’m genuinely excited to be working alongside Mark with this 12 month program as we explore culture and commodities and exchange some amazing recipes.

“My goal is to make it feel like listeners are travelling to new countries each month from their very own lounge chair, without spilling their cuppa as the person in front reclines into their lap!

“With overseas travel off the agenda at the moment I feel this is the next best thing.”

Dion said Bundaberg was the perfect place to be based, with the amazing array of food grown in the region.

“I often find myself entrenched in appreciating the life of our local growers and food processors, learning and researching food truths about how our food is grown,” Dion said.

 “I opened my own restaurant with the idea that we can co-educate our fellow diners at the same time they get to enjoy a meal based on ingredients that aren’t better travelled then the consumer’

The first show in the Global Travel Channel Food series will air on Friday 22 May at 10am AEST on www.globaltravelchannel.com.

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