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Winter is coming to Bundaberg

Winter coming to Bundabeerg
A chilly top of 16 degrees is forecast for Bundaberg on Saturday, which would make it the lowest May maximum ever recorded.

Get your warm clothes ready because winter chill is coming to Bundaberg this weekend.

Bundaberg could have its coldest ever May day on Saturday — with a top of just 16 degrees — if the forecast holds true.

The current weather bureau outlook for Saturday is rain at times with a low of 12 degrees and a maximum of 16.

The lowest ever May maximum recorded in Bundaberg was 16.4 in 2012.

The Wide Bay and Burnett forecast says a surface trough through the interior is expected to deepen towards the middle of the week, and progress eastward over the following few days under the influence of an upper level trough moving east across southeastern Australia.

The latter feature is likely to lead to showers increasing to rain areas from Wednesday.

The state forecast says mostly fine but cool conditions should prevail across central and southern Queensland.

Maximum temperatures are likely to be well below average across much of Queensland over the weekend, especially across the northern Tropics.

The winter weather will continue in Bundaberg on Sunday with showers and a forecast temperature range from 10-20.

Winter fire
Get ready for chilly weather this weekend if the forecast holds true.

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