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Bench constructed in memory of local spearfisherman

spearfisherman memorial
The plaque and bench at Elliott Heads in memory of local spearfisherman Andrew Page.

A plaque etched with the words “diving was his passion- the ocean was his love” has been placed alongside a meditation bench in memory of local spearfisherman Andrew Page.

Construction of the bench finished yesterday at Elliott Heads and overlooks the ocean that Andrew once held such an strong connection to.

The local man went missing on 23 November after he failed to surface 14 nautical miles off Elliott Heads.

Mum Colleen and Dad Rob said the bench had been placed in a special spot of Andrew's, where he used to spend each morning meditating to the sunrise.

Memorial Andrew Page
Rob, Colleen and Andrew Page.

“Andrew was a spearfisherman and had a great passion for the ocean and everything in it,” Colleen said.

“Every morning he would start his day by going to the water’s edge with a bean bag to meditate.

“That's just how he liked to start his day.”

Colleen said Andrew's passion for the ocean was apparent from an early age.

“He started diving with his Dad at eight years old and they often travelled up and down the coast to spearfish over the years,” she said.

“He used to say he never truly felt alive unless he was in the ocean and, if he hadn't been spearfishing for a long time, would say his gills had dried up.”

Colleen said it was around Christmas time when she, Rob and their daughter Heather decided to put plans in place to create a special memorial for their beloved son.

“We wanted to put something there, right in that special place which he loved so much,” she said.

Colleen said plans of the memorial bench and plaque was then put in place with the help of Bundaberg Regional Council.

“When we had decided what we wanted to do we first contacted Scott Rowleson who was the councillor for the area at the time,” she said.

“He put us in touch with the CEO and then on to Nicholas Burfield from the Cemetery.

“Nicholas and his team were absolutely fantastic, so kind and considerate and helped us through the process of organising the memorial seat.”

Colleen said she and Rob were able to sit at the bench for the first time yesterday.

“The work was completed so we went down to have a sit with some neighbours, who were very close with Andrew,” she said.

“It was beautiful, we even saw dolphins swimming by as we sat there.”

Colleen said she wanted to pass on her thanks to everyone who had helped create such a special place in memory of her son.

“From the cemetery staff to the concrete workers and carpenters and everyone else, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” she said.

memorial bench
Council staff work on the construction of the memorial bench.

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