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Special needs dog Suzy needs some extra care

Suzy special
Chinese shar-pei cross Suzy is available for adoption at Red Collar Rescue.

Meet Suzy, the 10-month-old Chinese shar-pei cross available for adoption at Red Collar Rescue.

Suzy has had a very rough start in life and is very timid as a result.

This coupled with her typical Shar Pei nature means that she is needing a single owner home where she is free to bond with her special person without the stresses of having too many strange comings and goings.

She is a funny little clown who enjoys a game and a cuddle.

She's a girl you need to work hard to connect with, but once she loves you, she will be your greatest mate and ally.

Breed: Chinese shar-pei cross

Age: 10 months

To find out more about Suzy click here.

Red Collar Rescue is a small rescue organisation at Biggenden, Queensland that takes in death row dogs from various locations throughout the region.

All dogs coming to Red Collar Rescue are vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and desexed prior to being made available for sale to the public.

Prices range from $200 upwards for dog adoption.

The refuge is managed by an unpaid, elected committee, with all funds coming from fundraising and donations.

For more information about Red Collar Rescue head to the Facebook page here.