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The Waves renovations set for completion in June

The Waves renovations
Renovations at The Waves include a new bar in the gaming room area.

Renovations at The Waves Sports Club are well under way, with an all new gaming area featuring a gaming lounge and bar included in the design.

Chief executive Brendan Royall said the renovation included an extension to the gaming room and a reduction of machines in the venue from 221 to 180.

“By reducing the number of machines we have been able to introduce further distancing between machines,” he said.

“Included in the renovation is a small 22-seat gaming lounge, new bar, kitchenette (for gaming snacks), new cashier, new designated outdoor smoking area, new card swipe members access, new carpet, gaming bases, gaming privacy screens and new lighting.

“We have also refurbished the ladies amenities.”

The Waves renovations
Design details of The Waves renovations.

It's a big, exciting project for The Waves team and one that has been on the list of things to do since 2018.

“We decided to renovate the gaming room as it was the last area of the club that hadn’t been refurbished since our major redevelopment in 2009-10,” Brendan said.

“The board and management conduct strategic planning every two years and the gaming renovation was an ‘action item’ that was decided on at our 2018 strategic planning workshop.”

Brendan said some of the special aspects of this project included generous amounts of space between individual machines and privacy screens.

“The carpet design is definitely a stand out with the theme changing subtly from ‘sand to ocean’ as you enter the room which wraps around the entire room through to the new extension,” he said.

“There's also the introduction of an elegant gaming lounge area in front of the new bar and cashier that can seat up to 22 members.”

The Waves renovations
The gaming lounge area.

Brendan said construction work, now under way, was being completed by local companies and local tradespeople.

“The Waves gets great satisfaction from being able to support the locals and the local economy and hope that we may be considered in return when people in the community are deciding on a venue to go to, with family and friends, for food, beverage and entertainment,” he said.

“The Waves team is really looking forward to reopening again as we have been dearly missing the interaction with our members and guests.”

The renovations are on target to be completed by the end of June 2020.

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The Waves renovations
Design details of The Waves renovations.