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Aircraft diverted to Bundaberg with engine trouble

Cirrus SR22 aircraft
A Cirrus SR22 aircraft (not the one which diverted to Bundaberg today). Photo: Wikipedia

A single-engine aircraft flying from Gladstone to Caloundra with engine trouble diverted to Bundaberg Airport today and landed safely without incident.

The Cirrus SR-22 stayed above 2600 metres until close to the airport and lost height flying in circles in order to land.

The aircraft landed and taxied to the maintenance base under its own power.

Bundaberg Regional Council airport portfolio spokesman Cr Greg Barnes said authorities were on standby in case of difficulty.

“For the airport, this kind of event is a chance to activate our emergency plan and practise our emergency response for real,” Cr Barnes said.

“In this case, we needed to make sure the emergency aircraft would have priority over the runway, that emergency services were alerted as necessary and would be met by airport staff, and that we coordinated our actions effectively.”

The aircraft began descending from 2682 metres at 11.57am and landed safely at 12.09pm.

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