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Hobby turns into One of a Kind Metal Art

Metal art
One of a Kind Metal Art creations.

A passion for all things metal has turned a hobby into a flourishing side business for qualified mechanic and truck driver Kev Harley.

In his spare time, the Bundaberg man creates unique metal art for the garden or home out of scraps he comes across on his travels.

“As a qualified mechanic I've always been interested in building things and working with metal,” Kev said.

“When we moved to Bundy I was able to start a man cave and started making metal art.

“My wife wanted a new toilet roll holder so I made one for her and then made something else and it flowed from there.”

Kev said as his art work collection grew, he decided to start a Facebook page called One of a Kind Metal Art to show off his ideas.

Metal art
A bunch of metal art flowers by Kev.

“It really has taken off from there,” he said.

“I'm a truck driver for Wide Bay Refrigerated Transport and a local sweet potato grower and on my days off I love working on my hobby in my shed.

“I make anything from animals to flowers and even statues.”

Kev said his business had grown into something the whole family had become involved in.

“Myself, my wife and kids come up with ideas and then see how they can be made, when I get stuck they always give me feedback,” he said.

“I use anything I can find from scrap yards, secondhand shops and items friends have given me.

“Any metal that can be welded together, I try to keep things in their original form so you can actually see what it used to be.”

Kev said each art work had its own set of challenges, with some pieces taking up to a few days to complete.

“Lady beetles and birds can take a few hours to half a day, things more complicated like the ANZAC gun statue can take a few days,” he said.

“The most popular peices are the lady beetles and sunflowers, for sure.

“If I could find more sunflower metal bits I'd sell more, they are really popular!”

Kev said what he loved most about his unique art work was creating something special for other people to cherish.

“Seeing people's expressions when they get their creations and the positive comments are great,” he said.

“Making metal art is a hobby I do because I love it. I love welding and working with metal to see what I can do … and experimenting with paint and colours.

“A day care centre has a few of my flowers and animals through their garden and the kids love it.”

Metal art
Sunny sunflowers are a popular creation.

Kev said he took orders through his One of a Kind Metal Facebook page and was open to custom designs.

“I take orders and will give anything a go,” he said.

“I was surprised when I made some geckos, they turned out pretty well.”

Follow One of a Kind Metal Art on Facebook here.