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Friendly farm animals like Bubba need a home

Red Collar Rescue Bubba
Bubba the steer would be ideal for small acreage, he has a quiet personality and would suit a family, he is available at Red Collar Rescue.

Living at Red Collar Rescue for the last seven months has been bliss for Bubba the steer, but now he needs to find a forever home.

Red Collar Rescue founder Sharyn Banks said there had been an influx of livestock at the animal rescue centre during the drought conditions, and even though she had become quite attached to a number of them, new homes were needed.

Sharyn said there were currently eight cows, and just as many horses and ponies, at Red Collar Rescue and they were looking for new permanent homes with people to own as pets.

“These guys are like my babies – I love them all dearly and they must go to ‘vegetarian’ homes,” Sharyn said.

“As much as I would love to, I can’t keep all of them.

“A couple have come in as pairs and they are well bonded and must stay together.”

Sharyn said Bubba the steer would be ideal for small acreage and he had a quiet personality that would suit a family.

“He can be quite naughty and often ventures to the neighbours, so he would need to go to a home with dog or goat fencing to keep him in,” she said.

“All the cows we have are gorgeous and just beautiful, but Bubba, he is delightful, a good boy and really a placid little fella.”

Sharyn said they had taken in most of the livestock during the drought conditions and knowing a lot of people were finding it tough during that period, Red Collar Rescue had kept the animals until conditions eased.

“I didn’t want to put the horses, ponies and cows up for adoption and give some of the struggling people another mouth to feed,” she said.

“But now is the time and they’re ready to go.”

To find out more information about Bubba click here.

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