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New Macadamias Australia facility on schedule

Macadamias Australia new facility
Macadamias Australia's new facility is being constructed by Christensen Industries.

Macadamias Australia’s multi-million-dollar new nut-cracking facility and tourism outlet is on schedule to be operating by November.

The Macadamias Australia project is expected to create jobs, drive tourism development and significantly expand the company’s macadamia processing capability.

Macadamias Australia executive director Trevor Steinhardt said the construction was well under way, with 90 per cent of the building, civil works and furnace room and furnaces completed.

Christensen Industries project manager Tony Giovannoni said the construction of the new Macadamias Australia facility was a large project, and they were proud to be involved since the beginning.

Macadamias Australia

Here Rob takes us through the earlier stages of the build. Filming for this production was late 2019. Sorry for the delayed upload. We are now in our final stages at the new processing facility. Can't wait to see the completion of this build come mid year. Enjoy ???? Macadamias Australia

Posted by Christensen Industries on Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Rob from Christensen Industries takes a look at the earlier stages of the Macadamias Australia new facility build. Filming for this production was late 2019.

Tony said planning started halfway through last year and they turned the soil just before Christmas.

“It was definitely a big project for us, as we were involved right from the design process,” Tony said.

“It’s always good to be involved in the local builds, and the Steinhardt family are always good at supporting locals.”

Christensen Industries couldn’t have completed the work without other local contractors, including Baldwin Plumbing, SNT Electrical and McHugh Steel.  

“We have used as many local contractors as we can, and we’ve actually hired another 10 employees since we started the project,” he said.

Macadamias Australia new facility
Christensen Industries proud to be involved with the Macadamias Australia project.

Tony said the facility was currently being fitted out by Macadamias Australia and only the offices and tourist facility remained to be finished, and both should be done by mid-July.

The Bundaberg Region produces about 50 per cent of Australia's total macadamia crop.

Macadamias Australia’s new facility will give the local company the opportunity to not only grow and process up to 10,000 tonnes of nuts, but a new tourist facility to value add to the business.

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