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Car yard approved for Johanna Boulevard

car yard
An artist impression of the car yard proposed for Johanna Boulevard.

A new car yard development has just been approved by Bundaberg Regional Council, bringing vehicle sales to the Johanna Boulevard area.

The development application, submitted by Insite SJC on behalf of client FKG Group, outlines details for a large sales building, showroom and vehicle repairs space on the corner of 47 Commercial Street, 70 and 80 Johanna Boulevard.

The proposal indicates plans for the showroom to include Honda, Subaru, Kia, Nissan and Hyundai.

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey said it was the first car yard development to go ahead along the Johanna Boulevard precinct.

“The area is already bustling with a number of car wash businesses, multiple car repair shops and caravan sale yards,” he said.

“The new car yard will add to this well-serviced and growing industrial/commercial area.”

Mayor Dempsey said the application highlighted details of the major development, including 12,437 square metres total land area featuring new buildings with a combined floor area of 3,369 square metres.

“The development is over three lots of land,” he said.

“With 3369 square metres of new buildings it represents a large scale development and a significant construction project.”

car yard
Plans of the car yard development.

With a 40-year history in construction, the FKG Group’s Development Team said they had been extremely impressed by the efficiency of the approval process and the professionalism of Council’s Planning Department.

Executive Chairman of the FKG Group, Gary Gardner, said Insite SJC and RMA Engineering prepared a detailed and comprehensive development application and worked closely with the Council team to facilitate an approval.

“In the current environment, it has been fantastic to see everyone working towards the same goal, to help get another construction project underway in this growing region,” Gary said.

Mayor Dempsey said the new development would be a welcome addition to a thriving area.

“Vehicle sales and showroom uses are well suited to this prominent location with good exposure to major roads and complementary surrounding land uses,” he said.

“It is fantastic to see the development of well-located land being transformed for its intended purpose, adding growth to an area that has been subject to significant new development in recent years.”

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