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Council staff complete 20,608 push ups for fundraiser

Council staff from around the region participated in completing thousands of push ups to raise funds for mental health. Video: Paul Donaldson and Morgan Everett

Bundaberg Regional Council staff flexed their arm muscles last month and pumped 20,608 push ups to raise funds for youth mental health.

It was all part of the annual Push Up Challenge, with more than $600 going towards Headspace Bundaberg and their youth support efforts.

The Push-Up Challenge started in 2018 and aims to raise awareness of mental health in Australia.

Council's Community Development Officer Bev Devlin was one staff member who participated and said the month-long fundraiser was important in bringing colleagues together for a cause.

“It's all about team mentality, I know when we are start doing things that include physical exercise it is good for our own mental health in so many ways,” she said.

“The number one benefit for us has been working as a team, we are a group all working towards a goal and having fun on the way.

“Even for the ones who don't do the physical side of it, they are all part of it in the office, cheering us on and watching us every push up at a time.”

Council's Community Facilities Coordinator Steve Mallan was a champion team member as part of the Civic Arcade group and said the challenge was a great way to test mental and physical strength while supporting a good cause.

“We had two teams of three staff members at the Civic Arcade and had to meet our target which varied each day from 105 to 232 for 21 days,” he said.

“It was a team effort but my biggest day was 157 and the most in a row was 71, my total for the event was over 1600.

“It was also a great way to warm up in the office on some of those colder mornings. I’ll be looking forward to next year’s challenge.”

Bev and Steve said they were proud to have been part of a supportive team working towards helping Headspace Bundaberg raise funds and support.

“It's all about our youth, about Headspace and about raising money so they can further their vital services,” Bev said. 

“Headspace Bundaberg run some fantastic programs for young people, they are on top of suicide awareness and proactive actions for our youth.

“They do a lot of work to strengthen our youth community.”

Overall, the Bundaberg Region raised $3,588 for Headspace Bundaberg during the Push Up Challenge in May.

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