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The Brewhouse reopens with new-look feature bar

The Brewhouse reopens
Bargara Brewing Company CEO Jack Milbank said the COVID-19 restrictions gave his team time to revamp The Brewhouse.

Bargara Brewing Company has implemented a few changes at The Brewhouse including a feature bar and family entertainment area.

Chief executive Jack Milbank said the new look and feel was more inviting, and he was pleased with the revamp that had been years in the making, but without the time to complete.

Jack used 600-year-old timber to create a stunning-hardwood bar, that could last another 600 years, taking pride of place at the Brewhouse.

“We salvaged this from the floods, from the (Bundaberg) Foundry, this is 600-year-old timber, it was the uprights from when they built the Foundry that was built by Bundy Sugar,” he said.

“In the flood it got washed down the river, and so we went and got a crane and pulled it out – it was all rough as guts, and then we polished it all up, and our builder George Baltrusch put it all together.

“George helped us build this bar that is a couple of tonnes per piece.”

Along with the historical wood that forms the feature bar, The Brewhouse has used wooden panels from the original Holden Service Centre, and each panel still bares the baby blue colour that represents the colour of cars from yesteryear.

“They are from the FJ Holden Service Centre that was around in the 1940s, and we didn’t even take the paint off them, we just scrubbed them up and built a frame around them to keep the authenticity of it all,” he said.

The Brewhouse reopens
Bargara Brewing Company's Jahara Pinto was pleased to reopen the doors to The Brewhouse and she said the revamp, including the new feature bar made from historical wood, a great new feel.

“We also have our beer label collection, there are labels from World War II beers; we will add two more frames with all of our beers shortly too.”

Jack said they had also partnered with Bundy Bowl and Leisure to include a number of arcade games to keep even the biggest child entertained for hours on end.

“We have moved the big reel tables and added a pool table,” Jack said.

“We wanted to build on the theme, and we are getting an old-school pinball machine shortly, sure to keep the kids happy.”

The Brewhouse reopened its door, for the first time since the Coronavirus restrictions came into effect at the end of March, on Friday night, and Jack said the response from the public was positive.

“The whole layout, and how the night flowed was all pretty good,” he said.

“We also have lots of new beers, including the All Together Beer that is a global collaboration with more than 6000 breweries around the world, and we have our new ginger beer – the Great White which is an alcoholic ginger beer, and the new pineapple neipa, these are all made here as well.

“The cold room now has taps installed so we can serve straight from the keg rather than moving it all around.

“So, we are quite happy with all the renovations and excited to be open again, serving the community.”